Apr 13, 2021  
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

Helzberg School of Management

Helzberg School of Management Vision, Mission, and Core Values

The Helzberg School of Management exists to prepare leaders to make a positive difference in the world. The school’s mission is to be the driving force in the community to educate and develop leaders of competence and conscience based upon the Jesuit tradition of learning, leadership and service.

Members of the Helzberg School will  teach, practice, and be guided by:

  • Reverence for dignity of the human person
  • Respect for the intellectual and spiritual aspects of education
  • Commitment to the community and its progress
  • Honesty, integrity, and ethics in every aspect of the educational endeavor
  • Commitment to engaged learning and applied business interactions

Helzberg School Program Overview

Since 1933, Rockhurst business education and leader development have been characterized by innovation and responsiveness to a changing environment. Significant “firsts” include Kansas City’s first co-educational business degree for working adults (1933), the city’s first part-time MBA program (1976) first executive MBA program (1978), and participation in the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences’ groundbreaking DO/MBA Dual Degree program featuring a Rockhurst MBA in Health Care Leadership (2001). For more than 70 years, Rockhurst has met the demand for competent, confident leaders with management skills necessary to lead successful organizations in dynamic, rapidly changing environments.

The Helzberg School of Management undergraduate programs integrate a broad liberal arts-based education with focused study in specific areas, producing leaders of competence and conscience with the skills necessary to excel professionally and serve others meaningfully. The undergraduate degree programs provide excellent preparation for subsequent study in graduate or professional schools and furthers the Jesuit ideal of educating men and women for others as they become leaders in the contemporary world and lifelong learners.

In addition to its undergraduate programs, the Helzberg School of Management offers an accelerated or part-time evening Master of Business Administration (MBA), with concentration areas in accounting, business intelligence, finance, health care management, international business, and management. Rockhurst BSBA students with a concentration in accounting may use the accelerated MBA to meet CPA exam requirements. For information on the accelerated evening, part-time evening, dual degree DO/MBA, please see Graduate Studies in the Helzberg School of Management in the university Graduate catalog.

The Helzberg School of Management offers a unique focus on executive education within the greater Kansas City area through its Executive MBA. As part of its commitment to lifelong learning within the Catholic, Jesuit tradition, the Helzberg School of Management also provides educational and developmental programs for managers within the metropolitan area. For information on these programs, please see Graduate Studies in the Helzberg School of Management in the university Graduate catalog.

The Helzberg School of Management offers post-graduate certificates, which focus on specific areas that Master of Business Administration graduates may further pursue. Certificates are available in finance, health care management, management, and nonprofit administration, data science, business intelligence, organizational development, human capital, and science leadership.

Undergraduate Studies in the Helzberg School of Management

Quality in the educational experience is a hallmark of Catholic, Jesuit education. The undergraduate curriculum of the Helzberg School of Management is designed to integrate a broad liberal arts based education with specialized study within a specific area, resulting in graduates who demonstrate both competence and conscience. The core curriculum is meant to shape the entire undergraduate experience, particularly in the integration of leadership, social responsibility and ethics, information analysis, communication, and globalization. In a variety of classroom settings, students are confronted with “real world” choices in developing skills which are relevant to the contemporary organizational environment.

Degree programs in the Helzberg School of Management include:

Business Administration  

Analytics and Technology  


Nonprofit Leadership