May 06, 2021  
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mechanical Engineering, B.S., in partnership with UMKC

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College of Health and Human Services

Students interested in majoring in mechanical engineering should take the following courses in the following sequence. Although variations of the core classes are possible, it is recommended that students take all the asterisked (*) courses required for the major as suggested below. Students should always check with their advisor if they have questions about a proposed variation including taking any summer courses.

To fulfill the core requirements for a Rockhurst degree, students must fulfill at least one each of the ARI, HSI, and LTI core requirements.

A grade of C or better is required in all asterisked (*) courses (required for the major). Students are responsible for checking prerequisites for any course.

Transfer courses at the 3000- or 4000-level are only accepted with prior advisor approval.

A minimum of 60 hours of service is required. The recommended minimum number of service hours for each year are: 10 hours during the freshman year, 15 hours during sophomore and junior years, and 20 hours during senior year.


For a complete list of courses that meet Rockhurst Core requirements, please see The Core Curriculum. To view a sample four year degree plan see Mechanical Engineering B.S.  

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Year 1

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

Year 2

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

Year 3

Fall Semester

  • (3) *
  • ME 324 Engineering Materials (UMKC) (3)*  EGMC K324 (RU) (3)*      
  • ME 324 L Engineering Materials Lab (UMKC) (1)*  EGMC K324L (RU) (1)*
  • ME 351 Fluid Mechanics (UMKC) (3)* EGMC K351 (RU) (3)*
  • ME 356 Mechanical Component Design (UMKC) (3)*EGMC K356 (RU) (3)*
  • ME 360 Thermal System Design (3)* EGMC K360 (RU) (3)*    
  • CP 3910  (1) or ES 3990 (1)
  • Total: 17 hours

Spring Semester

  • ME 306 Computer Aided Engineering (UMKC) (3)* EGMC K306 (RU) (3)*
  • ME 385 System Dynamics (UMKC) (3)* EGMC K385 (RU) (3)*
  • ME 352 Mechanical Instruments Lab (UMKC) (2)* EGMC K352 (RU) (2)*
  • ME 399 Heat and Mass Transfer (UMKC) (3)* EGMC K399 (RU) (3)*
  • ME 380 Manufacturing Methods (UMKC) (3)* EGMC K380 (RU) (3)*
  • ME 353 Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics Lab (2)*                     

   Total: 16 hours

Year 4

Fall Semester

  • Rockhurst core (ARI or HSI or LTI) (3)
  • Rockhurst core (HSII or LTII that also satisfies GPR) (3) (alternately, the GPR may be satisfied by a TH II core class)
  • PL 3100 (PLII) (3)
  • ME 492 Mechanical Design Synthesis I (UMKC) (3)*  EGMC K492 (RU) (3)*
  • ME 4xx Technical Elective (UMKC) (3)
  • ME 451 Power Plant Design (UMKC) (3)*   EGMC K451 (RU) (3)*   or
  • ME 440 Heating and Air Conditioning (UMKC) (3)*  EGMC K440 (RU) (3)

   Total: 18 hours

Spring Semester

  • Rockhurst core (ARI, HSI, or LTI) (3)
  • Rockhurst core (PLII/THII) (TH II course could also satisfy GPR) (3)
  • Rockhurst core (SRI or SRII) (3)
  • ME 4xx Technical elective (UMKC) (3)
  • ME 496WI Mechanical Design Synthesis II (UMKC) (3)*  EGMC K496 (RU) (3)*

 Total: 15 hours

Total Degree Hours Required: 129-138+


+ Total degree hours required may vary depending on specific courses taken and an individual student’s initial mathematics placement.

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