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2012-2014 Graduate Catalog 
2012-2014 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Rockhurst Traditions

Historical Highlights

Bishop John J. Hogan approved purchase of land for a Jesuit college.

Rev. Michael Dowling, S.J., bought 25 acres at 53rd and Troost for $50,000.

Charter for awarding degrees was granted to Rockhurst by the state of Missouri.

Academic life began with opening of high school in Sedgwick Hall.

First college classes began with Rev. Alphonse Schwitalla, S.J., as the only faculty member.

First class was graduated. First honorary degree was awarded to Marshal Ferdinand Foch. First Master’s degree to J. Zack Miller III.

Dowling Hall, the first college building, was completed.

Rockhurst Circle was organized. Wilfred C. Bourke Field was completed.

Honorary Directors Association was formed.

Evening Division of College was established.

Conway Hall classroom building was completed.

Mason-Halpin Fieldhouse was dedicated to former Hawk coaches.

North Central Association granted accreditation to Rockhurst College.

First resident students were housed in Dowling Hall.

Division of Business Administration was organized.

St. Francis Xavier Church was dedicated.

Francis Cardinal Spellman was honored guest at first Rockhurst Day.

Jesuit faculty residence was dedicated.

Board of Regents was established.

Visiting Scholar Lecture Series was initiated.

Massman Hall and Xavier-Loyola Hall, student residence, were dedicated.

Fourth floor was added to Conway Hall.

Honors program was initiated. Corcoran Hall, student residence, was completed. Rockhurst High School moved to Greenlease Memorial Campus.

Hawks won N.A.I.A. basketball championship.

Cooperative Education Program was established.

McGee Hall, student residence, was dedicated. Junior Year Abroad program was introduced.

Greenlease Library was dedicated.

Library Guild was founded.

College became coeducational in all divisions. President’s Roundtable was formed.

Physical Education and Convocation Center was completed.

Van Ackeren Gallery of Religious Art opened. Graduate business courses initiated.

Master of Business Administration degree program initiated. Jesuit residence named Van Ackeren Hall in honor of Father Van Ackeren’s 25th year as president.

Lay members added to Board of Trustees; the Rev. Maurice E. Van Ackeren, S.J., appointed chancellor; the Rev. Robert F. Weiss, S.J., inaugurated as 10th president. Season of the Arts program was established.

Executive Fellows Program began.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program was approved in conjunction with Research College of Nursing.

Major renovation of Conway and Sedgwick halls was completed. Mabee Theater and campus entryway were dedicated.

Corcoran Hall and Massman Hall Rock Room were renovated. First annual Rockhurst Week was held.

School of Management was established. The Heritage Society was initiated. The Bachelor’s program in Physical Therapy was established.

Conference Center addition to Massman Hall was completed. Mabee Chapel was dedicated.

75th anniversary of the Rockhurst College charter was celebrated. Harry B. Kies Award was established to honor exemplary members of the College community.

First endowed academic chairs were established—the Joseph M. Freeman, S.J., Chair in Philosophy and the George and Gladys Miller Chair in Business Administration. Thomas F. Eagleton Visiting Professorship was established.

Research College of Nursing received North Central Association accreditation. Jesuit community established a scholarship for minority students and students with financial need.

Rev. Thomas J. Savage, S.J., was inaugurated as 11th president. Research College of Nursing received National League for Nursing Accreditation. Global Studies offered.

Master’s program in Occupational Therapy established. Center for Arts and Letters was established.

A Campus Master Plan was announced. The plan takes the College into the next century and was developed with input from students, faculty, staff and the neighborhood.

Rockhurst College Continuing Education Center, Inc., was established. RCCEC acquired National Seminars, Inc. A new Jesuit residence was built and renovation of Van Ackeren Hall for academic use initiated.

The $35 million “Renewing Commitments” Campaign for Rockhurst was announced.

Rockhurst joined Saint Louis University in opening Ignatius Center, the south campus location, one block south of I-435 at 106th and Wornall Road. Master’s program in Physical Therapy was established.

Construction began on the Science Center. Town House Village opened. “Sacred Encounters: Father DeSmet and the Indians of the Rocky Mountain West,” a major exhibit, opened at Ignatius Center. A new core curriculum was implemented, organized around the seven classical modes of inquiry.

Rockhurst approved a new five-year strategic plan. The Rev. Thomas J. Savage, S.J. announced a search process for his successor after leading the College to eight years of growth in students, in the size of the campus and in national recognition.

Rockhurst completed the “Renewing Commitments” Campaign with the first Rockhurst Gala. The campaign raised $41.4 million for new and renovated facilities, endowed scholarships, faculty chairs and other projects. The College also opened the Science Center. The Rev. Peter B. Ely, S.J. was inaugurated as 12th president.

Rockhurst opened the School of Professional Studies, offering baccalaureate degrees in organizational leadership, organizational communication and computer technology.

Rev. Edward Kinerk, S.J., ’64, became the 13th president of Rockhurst College. A campus-wide technology plan was approved by the Board of Trustees. A new Communication Sciences and Disorders bachelor’s degree program was offered in partnership with Saint Louis University.

Rockhurst changed its name from Rockhurst College to Rockhurst University. Construction began on quadrangle expansion, Greenlease Gallery of Art, and Student Activities Center. University completed purchase of properties needed for Loyola Park expansion.

The University celebrated completion of a $10 million construction project, which included: moving the main entrance from 53rd to 54th St.; creation of a pedestrian mall at 53rd St.; construction of a 90-foot bell tower; a new pergola and fountain; and the Greenlease Gallery of Art. A Catholic Studies Center was established to explore and study the rich traditions of the Catholic Church.

A $50 million capital campaign was launched, with most of the funds slated for construction and renovation of facilities. The School of Management changed its named to the Helzberg School of Management, in recognition of donors Barnett and Shirley Helzberg. The University launched a master of education degree in an effort to address the national teacher shortage.

Conway Hall was reopened following a $6.5 million renovation. The renovation included technological improvement such as computer labs and “smart” classrooms with multimedia capabilities. The School of Professional Studies became part of the new School of Graduate and Professional Studies, new home to graduate programs that had formerly been part of the College of Arts and Sciences (communication sciences and disorders, education, occupational therapy, and physical therapy) and undergraduate programs in communication sciences and disorders, and education.

The completion of the Excellence in the City $50 million campaign was celebrated, with $50.5 million raised. Rockhurst Day was renewed as a campus tradition. The Loyola Park Baseball stadium was inaugurated. A clinical doctorate (DPT) was established in Physical Therapy.

Rockhurst launched a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry. Softball was inaugurated as the 11th varsity sport on campus.

The University completed installation of the first campus-wide wireless network of any university in the Kansas City area. The campus welcomed the largest freshman class in 10 years, 370 students, up 50 percent from 2003.

Rev. Thomas B. Curran, O.S.F.S., became the 14th president of the University. Rockhurst named the campus quadrangle the Kinerk Commons in honor of the Rev. Edward Kinerk, S.J., 13th president of the University. The campus welcomed the second largest freshman class in University history, with 396 students.

Rockhurst began a comprehensive strategic planning process and introduced a new shared vision, which was developed with broad input from the University community. Rockhurst established a bachelor’s degree in sports science.

The University welcomed the largest freshman class in its history—417 students.

Rockhurst celebrated the centennial anniversary of its charter with the theme “Learn, Lead, Serve, Celebrate!” A criminal justice degree program was established.

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching recognized Rockhurst University with its prestigious community engagement classification. The University broke ground in March for a new multi-use parking garage and retail facility, which was completed in December.

A branding campaign was launched featuring the tagline, “Where leaders learn.” An extensive redesign of the University’s website accompanied the campaign.

Presidents of Rockhurst University


Rev. Michael P. Dowling, S.J.


Rev. Aloysius A. Breen, S.J.


Rev. John A. Weiand, S.J.


Rev. Arthur D. Spillard, S.J.


Rev. William P. Manion, S.J.


Rev. Daniel H. Conway, S.J.


Rev. William H. McCabe, S.J.


Rev. Thomas M. Knapp, S.J.


Rev. Maurice E. Van Ackeren, S.J.


Rev. Robert F. Weiss, S.J.


Rev. Thomas J. Savage, S.J.


Rev. Peter B. Ely, S.J.


Janet Watson Sheeran, Ph.D. (Interim)


Rev. E. Edward Kinerk, S.J., ’64


Rev. Thomas B. Curran, O.S.F.S.

Endowment Fund

To improve its fiscal stability, Rockhurst has developed a permanent endowment fund invested to provide continuing income in support of various programs and activities of the University. The major portion affords financial assistance to students as directed by the donors.

Cultural Opportunities

  • The Robert R. Lakas, S.J., Memorial Fund was established by friends of the late Rev. Lakas, Rockhurst English professor, whose desire was to share his appreciation of the fine arts—literature, music, art, and theater. Support from this fund provides opportunities for students and the community to enjoy special programs and performances annually.
  • The Helen G. Bonfils Endowment for the Fine and Performing Arts was established at Rockhurst University in 1976. Inspired by the Victor Hugo apothegm inscribed on the south face of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art — “It is by the real that man exists; it is by the ideal that he lives”—Rockhurst University has used the endowment to promote contact between its students and the fine and performing arts.
  • The Visiting Scholar Lecture Series was established in 1955-56 in order to enrich the intellectual life of the University and to provide free public lectures for the Rockhurst and Kansas City communities. Guests of national and international repute discuss timely and timeless subjects. Permanent funds endowing the program have been established by Roy A. Roberts, former editor of The Kansas City Star; by the Honorable Henry Bundschu, judge and member of a pioneer family in Independence and Kansas City; by the Kansas City Association of Trusts and Foundations; by Jo Zach Miller, Jr., in honor of Charles M. Charroppin; by the family of the Rev. William L. Rossner, S.J., long-time professor of philosophy at Rockhurst; and by a gift from Edwin G. Borserine to honor both the Rev. Vincent F. Daues, S.J., founder and long-time director of the Series, and Alpha Sigma Nu, the Jesuit Honor Society.
  • The Richard and Jane Bruening Endowed Fund for the Arts underwrites an annual concert, lecture or reading each academic year.

The Visiting Scholars


André Mercier
Përe Paul Henry, S.J.
Rev. Josef Nuttin


Rev. John Courtney Murray, S.J.
Rev. John C. Ford, S.J.
Rev. Joseph Owens, C.Ss.R.
Rev. John L. Thomas, S.J.


Saul S. Weinberg
Lt. Gen. James H. Doolittle
Col. Thomas G. Lanphier Jr.
Senator Stuart Symington
Edward Teller
Sister M. Madeleva, C.S.C.
Clarence K. Streit
Rev. Henri Renard, S.J.


Erik Ritter von Kuehnelt-Leddihn
Rev. Bruce Vawter, C.M.
Rev. Gerald B. Phelan
Rev. Thurston N. Davis, S.J.


Robert Frost
Anton Charles Pegis
Samuel Eliot Morison
William F. Albright


Rev. Joseph M. Bochenski, O.P.
Francis J. Braceland
Harlow M. Shapley
Allan Nevins
Etiënne Gilson


Cleanth Brooks
Jerome Gregory Kerwin
Henry A. Kissinger
Dexter Perkins
Barbara Ward
R. Buckminster Fuller
André Girard
Hans Schwieger
Rev. C.J. McNaspy, S.J.


Rev. Clifford Howell, S.J.
Clinton Rossiter
Roger D. Reid
George Bagshawe Harrison


Peter J.W. DeBye
Douglas Hyde
Paul Engle
James D. Collins


Marguerite Higgins
Harold Clurman
Rev. Virgil C. Blum, S.J.
Hon. Charles Malik
Rev. Roland de Vaux, O.P.
Bernard Cardinal Alfrink


Samuel John Hazo
Ferenc Nagy
Ruth Mary Fox
Rev. Francis X. Murphy, C.Ss.R.
John Canaday


Rev. Hans Kung
Cornelius Ryan
Edward Albee
Alan Lomax


Maynard Mack
Edward Schillebeeckx, O.P.
Robert C. Weaver
Constantinos Doxiadis
Ian L. McHarg
James B. Reston
Walter W. Heller


Bernard J. Lonergan, S.J.
Haynes Johnson
Rollo May
Sir Tyrone Guthrie


John A. McLaughlin
Victor C. Ferkiss
Rev. Walter J. Ong, S.J.
James A. Lovell


Harry A. Schwartz
George Marek
Fernando Belaunde-Terry
Michael Harrington


Edwin O. Reischauer
James M. Gustafson
John Kenneth Galbraith


Gail and Thomas Parker
George Romney
Arthur Schlesinger Jr.
Nathan A. Scott Jr.


Rev. Robert North, S.J.
Nila Magidoff
Cornelio Fabro
Paul Ramsey


Bill Schustik
John Hope Franklin
Howard James
Hon. Floyd R. Gibson
Russell Millin
Willard Bunch
Hon. Harold Holliday Sr.
Ralph Martin
Robert Sigman
Austin Van Buskirk
John F. Mee


Elizabeth Janeway
Martin E. Marty
Anthony Burgess
Daniel Bell
Henry Steele Commager


Louis L’Amour
John T. Noonan Jr.
Claire Hollingworth
Herbert Baumel
Alfonzo Ortiz


Frank Manley
Rev. David Tracy
Clarence C. Walton
Captain Grace Murry
Hopper, U.S.N.
L’Abbé Germain Marc’hadour


Rev. Walter J. Burghardt, S.J.
David S. Broder
Jack Reynolds
Thomas Hoving


John Macquarrie
Wayne Clayson Booth
Lerone Bennett Jr.
Garry Wills
Rev. William Sloane Coffin, Jr.
Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt, Jr.


Anthony Lewis
Ralph McInerny
Rev. Robert Drinan, S.J.
Lester Carl Thurow
Paul Craig Roberts
Natalie Hinderas
Yale Brozen


Rev. Joseph A. Fitzmyer, S.J.
David D. Burns
Fritjof Capra
Robert E. White


Mortimer J. Adler
Stanley Siegel
Erik Ritter von Kuehnelt-Leddihn
Malcolm Toon
James MacGregor Burns
Alfred Kahn


Rev. Jared Wicks, S.J.
Rev. Ladislas Orsy, S.J.
Jonathan D. Spence
Jerry Lee Jordan
Ernest L. Boyer
Edmund S. Wehrle


Vernon J. Bourke
Rev. David Gill, S.J.
Jean-Michel Cousteau
Robert Farris Thompson
Stanton Samenow
William Poole


Col. John Cottell
Jeremy Rifkin
Rev. Avery Dulles, S.J.
Jaroslav Pelikan
Rabbi Marc H. Tanenbaum
Rev. William Byron, S.J.
Jean Dietz Moss
Rev. William Wallace, O.P.
Owen Gingerich
Malcolm Miller
Leif Olsen


Amb. Philip Habib
Rev. Piet Schoonenberg, S.J.
Rev. Robert C. Baumiller, S.J.
Bert Hornback
Malcolm Miller
Rev. W. Norris Clarke, S.J.


Loret Miller Ruppe
Guido Fernandez
James F. Scott
Rev. James Hennesey, S.J.
Rev. Leo Sweeney, S.O.
John T. Noonan Jr.


Richard Neuhaus
Rev. Martin McCarthy, S.J.
Fred Barnes
Thomas Flanagan
Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C.


Rev. Peter Milward, S.J.
Monika Hellwig
Arthur L. Caplan
Robert Jay Lifton
John M. Merriman
Harry Edwards
Rev. Jon Sobrino, S.J.


Rev. Marvin R. O’Connell
Julie Roy Jeffrey
Robert Collier
Rev. Robert Brungs, S.J.
Charles E. Rice
Rev. John Powell, S.J.
Rev. George Hunt, S.J.


Sr. Mary Clark, R.S.C.J.
Adele Dutton Terrell
Marion Montgomery
Rev. Richard P. McBrien
Sidney Callahan
Eoin McKiernan


Clarence Page
Catharine Stimpson
Theodore Hamerow
James Shenton
Mary Jo Nye
Rev. Gerald McCool, S.J.
Rev. Carl Starkloff, S.J.


Rev. Robert Barth, S.J.
Rev. Stanley Jaki
Bel Kaufman
Al Eaton
Joseph Pappin
Jacob Neusner


Zev Kedem
Rev. Richard Blake, S.J.
Christina Hoff Sommers
Rev. Brian Davies, O.P.
Paula Rothenberg
Cardinal Joseph Bernardin
Rev. J. Bryan Hehir


Paul Lombardo
H. James Birx
Rev. John Kavanaugh, S.J.
William Eckhardt
Toinette Eugene
Cardinal Roger Mahony
Rev. Michael Himes


Michael Medved
Professor Timothy McDermott
Rev. Leonid Kishkovsky
James Q. Wilson


Stanley Fish
Rev. Raymond Brown
Dallas Willard
Gertrude Himmelfarb


Joseph E. Persico
Peter Awn
Leroy Hood
David Lehman
Rt. Rev. Msgr. Robert


Helen Thomas
Richard Bernstein
Jody Williams
Cyprian Davis, O.S.B.
Maxine Greene
Linda Zagzebski


The Rev. Kevin Burke, S.J.
Mary E. Shaw
Rigoberta Menchú Tuma
Steven Benson
Jean B. Elshtain
David J. O’Brien
The Rev. Robert J. Schreiter
Daniel Callahan


Edmund Pellegrino
Mairead Corrigan Maguire
Kenneth Goodpaster
The Rev. Terrence Dempsey, S.J.
The Rev. James V. Shall, S.J.
J. Matthew Ashley


Garry Wills
Oscar Arias
Daniel Dombrowski
R. Scott Appleby
John L. Esposito
Bill Kurtis


Chris Hedges
Corey Flintoff
Adolfo Pérez Esquival
Tom Fox
Jorge Gracia
Michael Cuneo


John Foreyt
Terrence Roberts
Mark Nanos
José Ramos-Horta
The Rev. Ronald Rolheiser, O.M.I.
Dava Sobel
Jude Dougherty
Kathleen Mahoney


David A. Prentice
Kevin Willmott
Sen. George J. Mitchell
The Rev. Charles M. Shelton, S.J.


Rev. Joseph Koterski, S.J.
Carolyn Maher
Christina Chan
Rev. George Coyne, S.J.
Robert L. Wilken
Gerald Coles


Paul G. Schervish
Ralph McInerny
Kevin Fox Gotham
Lt. Cmdr. Charles D. Swift (Ret.)
Rev. Jan Michael Joncas
Deborah Burger
Diana L. Hayes


James Sterba
Jon Coleman
Leonard Krishtalka
Richard Lindzen
Rev. James Profit, S.J.
Tissa Hami


Andrew Card
Thomas Hibbs
Jon Lee Anderson
Rev. Greg Boyle, S.J.
Lisa Wagner


Luis E. Lugo
The V. Rev. Douglas
Marcouiller, S.J.
David Nichols
Stephen Barr
Rev. John Haughey, S.J.
Claire Gaudiani
Juan Cole
Rev. Robert Spitzer, S.J.
Brenda Cárdenas


Reza Aslan
Daniel Sulmasy, O.F.M.
Peter Sacks
Melissa Harris-Perry
Rev. Joseph Tetlow, S.J.

Alumni Association

The Rockhurst University Alumni Association, organized in 1917, is the official organization of graduates and former students of Rockhurst University. The Association promotes strong ties between the University and its more than 18,000 living former students. The Alumni Association has earned national acclaim as a leader among Jesuit and peer universities in terms of the percentage of alumni who support the University annually.

The Office of Alumni and Constituent Relations has established several constituent clubs to more fully serve the needs of its diverse alumni base. Alumni chapters have been officially chartered in Kansas City, St. Louis, Washington, D.C, and Omaha. Alumni outreach also includes various geographic locations such as Chicago, New York City, Denver, Florida, San Diego, San Francisco, Wichita, Dallas, Houston and Springfield, Missouri.

The Office of Alumni and Constituent Relations hosts numerous events and activities that actively engage our alumni through networking, leadership, service and learning. A sample of these programs include reunions, Family and Alumni Weekend, Palm Sunday Mass, receptions, speakers, athletic events, travel programs, alumni achievement awards and service projects throughout the country.

Rockhurst alumni also assist in admission recruitment, career placement, mentoring, philanthropy and educational programs.

Rockhurst University alumni are located in all 50 states and more than 30 countries worldwide. They are leaders in their respective communities and professions. Rockhurst alumni are committed to the traditions of a Jesuit education and demonstrate these core values through their volunteer and financial support to the University and their communities.

To enhance alumni outreach for graduates from The Research College of Nursing a separate Alumni Association serves their distinctive alumni base. The Research College of Nursing Alumni Association works to promote strong ties between the University and its graduates through college recruitment, fund raising for scholarship programs and community service projects.

Outstanding Alumnus Award

1982 Vincent J. O’Flaherty, Jr. ’21
1983 James Spellman ’30
1984 William H. Dunn ’46
1985 John Harry Wiggins ’53
1986 Gil P. Bourk ’48
1987 John J. Sullivan, Jr. ’39
1988 John H. Bolin, Jr. ’48
1989 Louis DeFeo, Jr. ’57

*In 1991, the Outstanding Alumnus Award was divided into two categories: Alumnus/a of the Year for Outstanding Achievement, and Alumnus/a of the Year for Outstanding Service.

Outstanding Achievement Award

1991 Joseph P. Glas ’60
1992 Godfrey S. Kobets ’39
1993 Salvatore J. Enna ’65
1994 Joseph A. Flaherty, Jr. ’52
1995 Thomas A. McDonnell ’66
1996 Rev. George K. Fitzsimons ’48
1997 Dr. Veron Rice ’57
1998 Mr. Louis W. Smith ’80
1999 Mr. Blake B. Mulvany ’57
2000 Mark C. Lamping ’80
2001 James Castellano ’73
2002 Hector V. Barreto, Jr. ‘83
2003 Thomas M. Downs ‘64
2004 Richard T. Sullivan, Jr. ‘73
2005 Daniel C. Prefontaine, QC, ‘61

Outstanding Service Award

1991 Joseph McGee, Jr. ’41
1992 Robert E. Miller ’49
  Richard W. Miller ’52
1993 Gerard Meiners ’59
1994 Robert Cunningham ’49
1995 D. Eugene (Gene) Hart ’50
1996 Raymond W. Sonnenberg ’69
1997 John E. Hayes, Jr. ’59
1998 Rev. Thomas F. Denzer, S.J. ’48
1999 Mr. Maurice M. McNellis ‘49
2000 Michael Bahlinger ’85
2001 Jerry Haake ’70
2002 G. Lawrence Blankinship, Jr. ‘83
2003 Michael A. Kleinman ‘63
2004 Kathleen A. and P. Scott Hummel ‘85
2005 Richard A. Ruiz ‘92

Honorary Alumnus

1991 Samuel J. Kennedy
1992 Ilus W. Davis
1993 Byron G. Thompson
1994 Rev. Maurice Van Ackeren, S.J.
1995 Robert J. Dineen
1996 Joseph S. Rydzel
1997 Adolph Heine
1998 Rev. Joseph M. Freeman, S.J.
1999 Rev. Jules M. Brady, S.J.
2000 Mary Sue Karl
2003 Reva R. Servoss, Ph.D.
2005 Larry Moore

Honorary Degrees 

Year Deg. Recipient        
1921 LL.D. Marshal Ferdinand Foch   1980 D.H. Rev. Cesar Jerez, S.J.
1942 LL.D. Bernard J. Muller-Thym   1980 Mus.D. Mary Lou Williams
1942 Sc.D. Charles F. Schnabel   1981 Sc.D. Thomas Michael Donahue
1948 LL.D. Robert Woods Johnson   1981 D.B.A. William P. Harsh
1948 LL.D. Henry J. Massman Sr.   1981 LL.D. Msgr. George Gilmary Higgins
1948 LL.D. Rev. Bernard Joseph Hale   1982 D.H. Joseph H. Fichter, S.J.
1952 LL.D. Jack P. Whitaker   1982 D.H. Clarence H. Goppert
1953 Litt.D. Francis Cardinal Spellman   1982 D.H. Vita M. Goppert
1954 LL.D. Carlos P. Romulo   1982 LL.D. Harry B. Kies
1955 LL.D. Lewis Strauss   1983 D.H. Virginia Pollock Greenlease
1956 LL.D. Senator John F. Kennedy   1983 D.H. Bishop Rev. John J. Sullivan
1957 LL.D. Ricardo Arias   1984 D.H.L. Joseph A. O’Hare, S.J.
1958 LL.D. Alfred M. Gruenther   1984 D.L. Bishop George K. Fitzsimons
1959 LL.D. Stuart Symington   1985 D.H. Adele Coryell Hall
1959 LL.D. John A. McCone   1985 D.B.A. Donald J. Hall
1959 LL.D. Roy A. Roberts   1985 D.H. Timothy S. Healy, S.J.
1960 LL.D. President Harry S. Truman   1986 LL.D. Donald P. Moyers
1960 LL.D. Charles H. Kellstadt   1986 D.H.L. George E. Ganss, S.J.
1961 LL.D. Charles E. Bohlen   1987 D.H.L. Vincent F. Daues, S.J.
1961 Litt.D. John C. H. Wu   1988 D.H.L. Rev. John L. May
1962 LL.D. Frederick H. Boland   1988 LL.D. Hon. William H. Webster
1964 L.H.D Bishop Charles H. Helmsing   1988 D.H.L. Rev. Theodore Hesburgh
1964 LL.D. Senator Abraham Ribicoff   1989 D.H.L. Clarence H. Miller
1965 L.H.D. Joseph Cardinal Ritter   1989 D.H.L. Rev. Raymond E. Brown, S.S.
1965 LL.D. Thomas Joseph Dodd   1989 D.S. Joseph A. Flaherty
1966 LL.D. Robert D. Murphy   1990 D.H.L. William J. Byron, S.J.
1966 LL.D. Herbert H. Wilson   1990 D.H. Donald C. Bakely
1966 LL.D. Edwin G. Borserine   1990 D.H.L Rev. Christopher F. Mooney, S. J.
1967 LL.D. Arthur S. Fleming   1990 L.L.D. Charles E. Rice
1967 LL.D. Edward V. Long   1991 D.H.L. Mortimer Adler
1967 Litt.D. Jaroslav Pelikan   1991 D.H. Rev. Harold C. Bradley, S.J.
1967 HH.D. Bishop Harold R. Perry   1991 LL.D. Elliot Richardson
1967 LL.D. Gov. Warren Hearnes   1992 LL.D. Alvin Brooks
1968 L.H.D. John R. Cauley   1992 D.H.L. Georgie Anne Geyer
1968 L.H.D. Rev. Walter J. Ong, S.J.   1992 D.H.L. Rev. Maurice McNamee, S.J.
1969 D.F.A. Thomas Hart Benton   1993 D.F.A. Nikki Giovanni
1969 Mus.D. Hans Schwieger   1993 D.H.L. Rev. William B. Faherty, S.J.
1970 Sc.D. James A. Lovell   1994 D.P.S. Sr. Mary Rose McGeady, D.C.
1970 LL.D. Thomas F. Eagleton   1994 D.H.L. Rev. Lawrence Biondi, S.J.
1971 LL.D. Richard Bolling   1994 D.H.L. Michael Novak
1971 L.H.D. Walter Cronkite   1995 D.P.P. Rev. Bryan Hehir, D.P.P.
1971 LL.D. Thomas H. Eliot   1995 LL.D. Susan M. Stanton
1972 D.H. H. Roe Bartle   1995 D.H. Virginia Stowers
1972 D.F.A. Laurence Sickman   1995 D.B.A. James E. Stowers, Jr.
1972 D.H.L. Msgr. Arthur M. Tighe   1996 D.F.A. Gwendolyn Brooks
1973 D.H.L. John Bannon, S.J.   1996 D.H.L. Joseph T. McGuff
1973 Sc.D. A. Donald Goedeke   1997 D.A. William McGlaughlin
1973 LL.D. Leonor K. Sullivan   1997 D.H.L. William McSweeney, Jr.
1974 LL.D. John C. Danforth   1998 D.P.S. Sen. Thomas Eagleton
1974 D.P.S. Charles Newton Kimball   1999 D.H. Monika K. Hellwig
1974 Sc.D. Joseph Collins Shipman   1999 D.P.S. Ferdinand Mahfood
1975 Mus.D. Grace Melzia Bumbry   1999 D.H. Monika K. Hellwig
1975 Sc.D. Richard Marlin Perkins   2001 D.H. Máiread Corrigan Maguire
1975 D.H. James Berton Rhoades   2002 D.H. Oscar Arias, Ph.D.
1976 LL.D. Robert J. Henle, S.J.   2003 D.P.S. Adolfo Pérez Esquivel
1976 HH.D. Margaret Truman Daniel   2004 D.M. Most Rev. Raymond J. Boland, D.D.
1977 D.H. Joseph J. McGee Jr.   2006 D.H.L. Robert A. Long
1979 Sc.D. Arthur Burns   2010 D.H.L. Rev. Charles L. Currie, S.J.
1979 L.H.D. Rev. Frederick C. Copleston, S.J.        

 Athletic Hall of Fame

1981 James J. Gleeson ’33
1981 Patrick W. Mason ’21 
Paul O. Smith 
1981 Raymond J. Sonnenberg, Sr. ’34 
1981 John S. Sullivan ’30 
1981 Ralph Telken ’64 
1982 Patrick J. Caldwell ’66 
1982 Godfrey S. Kobets ’39 
1982 Raymond T. McKee ’29 
1982 Terry M. Michler ’69 
1982 John M. Mitchell ’46 
1982 Victor H. Zahner ’31 
1983 James F. Healey, Jr. ’69 
1983 Owen F. Murphy ’36 
1984 Paul J. Martel ’48 
1985 John P. Scanlon, Sr. ’42 
1986 D. Eugene Hart ’50 
1987 John W. Malinee ’78  
1986 John J. Reichmeier ’53  
1987 James J. Ryan, Jr. ’49  
1988 Robert aCastaneda ’60  
1989 1964 N.A.I.A. National Championship 
  Basketball Team: Pat Caldwell, Chuck 
  Dunlap, Tom Fisher, Joel Frisch, Rich 
  Grawer, Dick Hennier, Al Payne,  
  Dennis Rabbit, Jim Selzer, Ralph 
  Telken, Walt Tylicki, Harry Witte 
  Coaches: Joe Brehmer and Dolor 
  Rehm Managers: Dennis Alieksaites,
  Pat Campbell, Chuck Plague 
1990 James E. Kopp ’72
1990 George W. Richter, Jr. ’48
1990 Robert J. Williams ’53
1991 Amos H. Hutchin ’40
1992 Thomas F. Callahan ’43  
1992 James F. Karl ’57 
1992 Donald J. Klein ’58
1993 Joseph F. Keirnan ’47
1993 Dennis C. Lee ’77      
1994 John A. Steck, Jr .’46
1994 Richard A. Suit ’74
1995 Kathryn R. Anderson ’89
1996 Francis “Buzz” Muckenthaler ’47
1996 Michael G. Powers ’80
1997 Maureen Walsh Herrmann ’81
1997 Mark R. Teahan ’82
1998 Richard E. Donahue ’53
1999 Craig A. Stahl ’81
1999 Anthony L. Tocco
2000 Dennis Luber ’83
2001 Doug Wemhoff, ’89
2002 John Sanderson ‘49
  John Stapler ‘50
  Larry Fitzgerald ‘51
  Thomas Holton ‘50
  William “Honey” Spurck ‘36
  Robert Aylward ‘50
  Barney Byard ‘50
  Bishop George Fitzsimons ‘48
  Clarence Deitchman ‘49
  Thomas O’Brien ‘50
  Joseph Mallon ‘51
2003 Susan Konop Malisch ‘86
  Joseph M. Grantham ‘56
2004 Kristine Rehm Nusbaum ‘91
  Sid E. Bordman ‘54
2005 John Williams ‘54

Science Hall of Fame

1996 William G. Bartholome, M.D. ’65   1997 Henry N. Wellman, M.D.
1996 Joseph A. Flaherty, Ph.D. ’52   1998 Lawrence J. Marnett, Ph.D. ’69
1996 Joseph M. Jaklevic, Ph.D. ’62   1999
Robert C. Jaklevic, Ph.D. ’56
1996 Joseph P. Glas, Ph.D. ’60   2001 Sam Enna ’65
1996 A. Donald Goedeke ’56     Dr. Paul Wheeler ’63
1996 James Emmett Monahan, Ph.D. ’48   2005 William Haggerty, Ph.D. ‘54
1997 James B. Kring, Ph.D.   2011 Dr. Chatten Cowherd, Jr. ‘60

St. Thomas More Academy of Scholars

1992 Rev. Walter Ong, S.J. ‘33   2000 Robert T. Crossley ‘67
1994 Daniel Ferritor, Ph.D. ‘62   2003 Dr. Edward A. Purcell, Jr. ‘62
2000 Mark Curran, Ph.D. ‘63      

Faculty and Staff Recognition

Daniel L. Brenner Scholarly Achievement Award

1988 William F. McInerny, Ph.D.   2001 Risa J. Stein, Ph.D.
1990 Frank J. Smist Jr., Ph.D.   2002 Thomas Ward, Ph.D.
1991 Don E. Gibbs, Ph.D.   2003 Daniel F. Stramara, Ph.D.
1992 Curtis L. Hancock, Ph.D.   2004 Craig Prentiss, Ph.D.
1993 Richard G. Newman, Ph.D.   2005 Paula Shorter, Ph.D.
1994 Patricia Cleary Miller, Ph.D.   2006 Charlotte K. Shelton, Ed.D.
1995 Steven W. Brown, Ph.D.   2007 Laura Janusik, Ph.D.
1996 Jean M. Hiebert, Ph.D.   2008 no award presented
1997 Jules M. Brady, S.J., Ph.D.   2009 Craig Prentiss, Ph.D.
Timothy L. McDonald, Ph.D.   2010 Margaret Wye, Ph.D.
1999 Don E. Gibbs, Ph.D.   2011 James Chapman, Ph.D.
2000 Sudhakar S. Raju, Ph.D.      

Hall Family Foundation Chair

1987-89 Bryce J. Jones, Ph.D.   1999-00 Peter D. Nugent, Ph.D.
1989-91 Rev. E. Eugene Arthur, S.J., D.B.A.   2000-02 Brian D. Fitzpatrick, Ph.D.;
1991-92 Cheryl A. McConnell     Sudhakar S. Raju, Ph.D.
1992-95 Richard G. Newman, D.B.A.   2002-04 Charlotte K. Shelton, Ed.D.
1995-96 Richard Hunt, Ph.D.   2006-09 Myles P. Gartland II, Ph.D.
1996-98 Gail A. Hoover, Ed.D.   2009-12 Laura Fitzpatrick, Ph.D.
1998-99 Randolph R. Schwering, Ph.D.      

Harry B. Kies Award for Distinguished Service

1985 Paul D. Arend   1995 Weslynn S. Martin
  Charles P. Cahill, S.J.   1996 Anita Salem
  Thomas F. Denzer, S.J.   1997 Adolphine C. Shaw
  M. Robert Knickerbocker     Richard D. Shaw
1987 Bryce J. Jones   1998 Gerald L. Miller
  Reva R. Servoss   1999 John G. Koelzer
1988 Thomas L. Lyon   2000 Mary Anne Beck
  Marilyn K. Rigby   2001 Marian Nigro
  Joyce A. Smith   2002 Rev. James Wheeler, S.J.
1989 Richard E. Wilson   2003 Dr. James and Margaret Millard
  Rev. Francis J. Murphy, S.J.   2004 Charlie F. Morris
1990 Janet Watson Sheeran   2005 Thomas J. Audley
  Sr. Rosemary Flanigan, C.S.J.   2006 Ellen Spake
1991 Anthony L. Tocco   2007 Jeanne Langdon
  Rev. Vincent Daues, S.J.   2008 Timothy L. McDonald
1992 Delores J. Curry   2009 Charles M. Kovich
1993 Edward S. Kos   2010 Paula Shorter
1994 Marilyn N. Carroll   2011 Wilburn T. Stancil

Joseph and Anne McGee Chair in Communication

2001-03 Weslynn S. Martin   2004-present Laura A. Janusik

George and Gladys Miller Chair in Business Administration

1988-91 Anthony L. Tocco, Ph.D.   1997-98 Sudhakar Satyanarayan, Ph.D.
1991-92 Marlene S. Donahue, Ph.D.   2000-02 Randolph E. Schwering, Ph.D.
1992-93 James E. Puetz, Ph.D.   2002-05 Cheryl McConnell, M.P.A./C.P.A.;
1993-95 Gerald L. Miller, Ph.D.     David B. Vicknair, Ph.D.
1995-96 Keith B. Myles, Ph.D.   2005-11 Martin Stack, Ph.D.
1996-97 Faye S. McIntyre, Ph.D.   2011-13 Sudhakar Raju, Ph.D.

Teaching Excellence Award

1990 Anita Salem   2001 Paula M. Shorter, Ph.D.
1991 Marshall Andersen, Ph.D.   2002
Robert Hegarty, Ph.D.
1992 Weslynn S. Martin   2003
Joseph A. Cirincione, Ph.D.
1993 Will Valk   2005 Rev. Robert J. Mahoney, Ph.D.
1994 Gerald L. Miller, Ph.D.   2006 Jean Hiebert, Ph.D.
1995 Donna J. Calvert, Ph.D.   2007 Jane Rues, Ed.D.
1996 Judith C. Richards, Ph.D.   2008 Brian D. Fitzpatrick, Ph.D.
1997 Edward S. Kos, Ph.D.   2009 John Kerrigan, Ph.D.
1998 Rev. W.L. LaCroix, S.J.   2010 Dan Martin, Ph.D.
1999 Cheryl A. McConnell   2011 Rocío Duncan, Ph.D.
2000 William J. Ryan      

Joseph M. Freeman, S.J. Chair in Philosophy

Rev. Joseph M. Freeman, S.J.   1998-present
Curtis L. Hancock, Ph.D.

John J. and Laura J. Sullivan Chair in Ethics

Rev. Wilfred L. LaCroix, S.J.   2003-05
Randolph E. Schwering, Ph.D.
1996-99 Rev. E. Eugene Arthur, S.J.   2006-12 John P. Meyer
2000-02 Gerald L. Miller, Ph.D.      

Breen International Fellowship

1995 Gerald L. Miller, Ph.D.   2000-02 Sudhakar S. Raju, Ph.D.
1996 Thomas L. Lyon, Ph.D.   2000-04 Brian D. Fitzpatrick, Ph.D.
2000 Thomas L. Lyon, Ph.D.      

University Faculty Senate Chair

2000-02 William Sturgill, Ph.D.   2004-present Laura A. Janusik
2002-04 Marshall Andersen, Ph.D.   2010-11 Cheryl McConnell, MPA/CPA
2004-06 Michael Stellern, Ph.D.   2011-14 Paula Shorter, Ph.D.
2006-08 Timothy McDonald, Ph.D.      

Community Recognition

The Chancellor’s Award

1959 Harry B. Kies   1978 L’Abbé Germain Marc’hadour
  Vanston H. Ryan   1981 Ilus W. Davis
  David Sarnoff   1986 Rev. William Byron, S.J.
  Robert Frost   1988 Rev. Robert F. Weiss, S.J.
1960 Samuel Eliot Morison   1996 Rev. Thomas J. Savage, S.J.
1961 Etiénne Gilson   1998 Rev. Thomas F. Denzer, S.J.
1966 Rev. Paul C. Reinert, S.J.   1999 M. Robert Knickerbocker
1971 Joyce Hall      

Excellence in Teaching Award from Missouri Governor’s Conference on Higher Education

1992 Anita Salem   1999 Joseph A. Cirincione
1993 Richard D. Shaw   2000 Anthony L. Tocco
Weslynn Martin   2001 Donna J. Calvert
William F. Haefele   2002 Rev. Wilfred LaCroix, S.J.
1996 Robin E. Bowen   2003 Sudhakar Raju
1997 Curtis L. Hancock   2004 Renee Michael
1998 Cheryl A. McConnell      

Pro Meritis Award

Aug. 27, 1959 James Hazlett July 11, 1978 Roy K. Dietrich
  Dr. Elmer Ellis Jan. 11, 1979 Dr. C. Kermit Phelps
  Sister Rose Carmel, S.C.L. May 13, 1979 John Herman Tietze
Mar. 24, 1960 Edwin G. Borserine May 14, 1980 Mary McGuirk
  Willard J. Breidenthal May 16, 1982 Rev. Patrick Tobin
  Mrs. Ethel B. Francisco Sept. 22, 1982 Dr. Elbert C. Cole
  Mrs. Clarence Kivett May 15, 1983 Godfrey S. Kobets
  Arthur Mag Oct. 3, 1985 Aubrey E. Richardson
  Albert A. Ridge Mar. 12, 1987 Maurice E. McNellis
  Herbert H. Wilson May 17, 1987 Stuart L. Simmons
Mar. 29, 1960 Dr. Floyd Shoemaker   Blake B. Mulvany
April 25, 1960 John R. Cauley May 15, 1988 Sr. Mary Margaret Sneddon,
  Louis B. McGee   M.M.B.
  Vincent J. O’Flaherty Jr. April 29, 1990 Charles W. Gusewelle
June 4, 1966 Charles L. Aylward   Betty Taliaferro
  Lathrop G. Backstrom May 5, 1991 Sr. Barbara Moore, C.S.J.
  J. Frank Hudson   Cynthia Siebert
  Henry J. Massman Sr. May 2, 1993 James T. Nunnelly
  Robert J. Muntzel May 1, 1994 Scott and Kathleen Hummel
  J. Ernest Dunn May 15, 1994 Lem T. Jones Jr.
May 10, 1967 Nathan J. Stark May 7, 1995 Rabbi Michael R. Zedek
1968 J.F. Hughes May 5, 1996 Miyo Wagner
  J.E. Couture May 4, 1997 John J. Sullivan, Jr.
Oct. 4, 1968 Rev. Vincent F. Daues, S.J. May 3, 1998 Michael V. Meyer
May 14, 1970 Lester Milgram May 2, 1999
Sr. Rosemary Flanigan, C.S.J.
  Jerome A. Smith   Bryce J. Jones
  Homer C. Wadsworth April 30, 2000 Rev. James Wheeler, S.J.
  Rev. John W. Williams   William Bartholome
 May 17, 1973 Thomas Hart Benton May 13, 2001 Larry Moore
  Frederick James    
  Wiktor Labunski    
  Patricia McIlrath