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2014-2016 Graduate Catalog 
2014-2016 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College Life

Student Development

We believe each student is blessed by God with unique gifts and abilities. We strive to assist them in deepening their self-awareness, discovering their passions and engaging others on a local, national and global stage. Inspired by our Jesuit tradition, we seek to help students recognize the good in the world around them, see where injustice persists and find their place of action in reconciling the two. With the power granted to us by our Creator, we work to value and appreciate the unique strengths and potential of people within and beyond the Rockhurst University family.

To this end, Student Development strives to:

  • Create living and study environments that support the learning objectives of faculty and staff at the University;
  • Engage students at their current point of development and challenge them to discover and enhance their individual gifts and abilities through co-curricular and extra-curricular programming, advising, and counseling comprised of residential, spiritual, career, multicultural, and wellness components;
  • Contribute to the formation of student leaders who become more capable and invested in being men and women for others by providing interactive and reflective leadership activities that foster awareness, creativity, love, and courage;
  • Work hand in hand with students and the entire Rockhurst University family in providing service to others throughout our global community;
  • Challenge ourselves to become active learners, role models and educators as we continuously grow and develop personally and professionally;
  • Assess the impact we have on all aspects of student growth and development by qualitatively and quantitatively reviewing our programs and services.

The Student Development department consists of the following areas:

  • Access: It is the policy of Rockhurst University to provide reasonable accommodations for students defined as disabled in Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and other applicable law. Students in need of accommodations must identify themselves to the Access Office and provide documentation of their disability. The Office then is able to facilitate reasonable accommodations for equal access to academic and other University-administered programs. The Access Office is located in Massman Hall, Room 7, (816) 501-4689.
  • Administration/Dean of Students: Students with general questions and concerns as well as in need of guidance about opportunities and responsibilities are invited to come to this office. It also publishes the Student Handbook annually that provides additional information about campus life as well as all policies that affect students. Students in crisis can also receive assistance and consultation about campus and community
  • Campus Ministry: The Campus Ministry staff invites all students to grow in their religious faith during their years at Rockhurst University. Rockhurst is a Jesuit, Catholic University where faith and spirituality are valued as essential components of education. We invite students to celebrate their faith, to discover its depth and richness, and to encounter the religious diversity of others in this “home for all faiths.” The Campus Ministers are available to assist those non-Catholic students who wish to locate a denominational church or synagogue in the area at which to worship.

    A variety of weekend retreats are offered throughout the year—the “Frosh Get-A-Way” for incoming Freshmen; Retreat on the Rock; Super Natural Christians Retreat (backpacking); Silent Retreat. Students may apply to act as leaders on most of our retreats. All of our retreats are open to students of all denominations and faiths.

    Pasta and Prayer: Students enjoy coming together every Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. in the chapel for some form of prayer followed by a student-prepared/served at the Campus Ministry Center (CMC).

    Almost 200 Rockhurst undergraduate students belong to a Christian Life Community (CLC). These are small faith-sharing groups consisting of 5-8 students who commit to meeting weekly to share and grow in their faith lives.

    For Catholic students, Mass is offered in the campus chapel at noon, Monday through Friday, and Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights at 10:10 p.m. Students worship together each Sunday evening at the 6:00 p.m. student Mass. Campus Ministry also offers the Sacrament of Reconciliation each week. Other devotionals, such as Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, the Stations and Rosary are also scheduled throughout the year. Students are trained as Liturgical Ministers for these liturgies.

    The Campus Ministers are available to students who wish to discuss issues relating to their invididual spiritual journey in a safe, open, and confidential setting. The offices are located in the lower level of Massman Hall in room 4.
  • Career Services: The mission of Career Services is to assist Rockhurst University students and alumni through all phases of their career development, provide leadership to the Rockhurst University community on career development issues and develop positive relationships with employer partners and other external constituencies of the institution. The professional staff provides individual career advising, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Holland Self-Directed Search, and career planning classes for credit (CT 1120 for freshmen and sophomores and CT 4220 for seniors). Also, opportunities are available for assistance with choosing a major, networking, interviewing, resumes and cover letters, and career search strategies.

    Students are encouraged to establish a relationship with Career Services early in their academic career by establishing their individualized web-based RU Career Account. Opportunities for work-study, part-time, intern, co-op, and full-time work opportunities are available for student review, along with the opportunity for students to electronically post their resumes. Many employers visit campus each year via career fairs and campus interviews, or directly request student resumes through the Career Services web resume books. In addition, the web page provides links to career resources, job listings, employer sites, and career search tips.
  • Goppert Cooperative Education Program (Co-op): This Career Services program provides an excellent opportunity to apply skills and knowledge in a professional work environment before graduation. Participants are able to make more informed decisions on their career direction after experience in their field of study.

    Co-op is a paid, structured internship program with work periods corresponding in length to a semester or a summer break. Academic credit is earned for each work period based upon the number of hours completed. Undergraduate students can earn up to six (6) hours of elective credit toward degree requirements. In addition to academic credit, a letter grade is awarded based on the employer’s evaluation of the student’s work performance and an assigned work project paper submitted by the student.

    To be eligible for the program, students must have completed 60 hours prior to the work period and maintained a minimum 2.0 GPA. Transfer students must complete one semester of full-time classes at Rockhurst University prior to starting a co-op work position.

CP 3910 - Co-op Work Projects I  

CP 3920 - Co-op Work Projects II  

  • Conference Services: Conference Services assists in the planning and organizing of internal and external conferences, meetings, and events on campus. Conference Services contracts room reservations, audio-visual needs, and liability insurance for conference groups.
  • Counseling Center: The college years contain exceptional opportunities for intellectual discovery, social development and personal growth. The challenges encountered during this time can be stressful and demanding. As students establish more independence and autonomy, they often seek assistance from the Counseling Center in developing the skills and strategies necessary to navigate the transitions inherent in this period of their lives. Staffed by licensed psychologists, the Counseling Center is a supportive professional resource helping students address a range of mental health and relationship concerns to obtain the maximum benefit from their college experience. Individual and group therapy are available to address student needs in a confidential setting. Common concerns addressed by the Counseling Center range from homesickness/ adjustment to college, test anxiety, relational issues and stress/tension, to family issues, past trauma, depression, social anxiety, eating disorders, self-harming behaviors, and addictive behaviors. Counseling Center staff are available to consult with faculty, staff, students and parents regarding student mental health issues. A range of consulting services is also available to all students, faculty and staff. The center promotes healthy development and overall wellness through our website resources and ongoing outreach programs to residence halls, student organizations and classroom presentations. The Counseling Center is located in Massman Hall room 5.
  • Health Services: Rockhurst University has established a collaborative relationship with University District Express Care, located in the north parking garage on campus, and Goppert Trinity Family Care (Goppert), located south of the University at 6675 Holmes Avenue, to provide for students’ acute and preventative health care needs.

    Rockhurst requires all residential students to show proof of several immunizations. In the state of Missouri, there is a meningococcal disease (meningitis) education/ vaccination requirement for all students who reside on campus. The requirement must be met either by providing documentation of the vaccination or by completing a waiver indicating that the student has received the information and decided not to have the vaccination.
  • International Student Services: The Office of International Services seeks to support international students studying at Rockhurst University. International student advisors seek to help students understand governmental regulations as well as ensure their success at the university. In addition to advising students on internship and practicum experiences, and compliance issues with studying at Rockhurst, advisors can also assist students in completing employment applications through appropriate government entities. The Office of International Student Services also develops workshops and information sessions regarding international issues for students, faculty, and staff. The office routinely coordinates cross-cultural programs for international students as well as the general student population.
  • Multicultural Education: Rockhurst University seeks to support students that come from diverse backgrounds and cultures. To that end, faculty and staff at the university seek to provide experience inside and outside of the classroom that will both support students and broaden a student’s perspective. A number of staff and faculty work closely with the university’s Diversity Committee to ensure that the needs of all students are met. A number of large-scale programs are planned by university offices to help provide support and engagement opportunities for all students at Rockhurst.
  • New Students/Retention Services: The Office of New Students/Retention Services facilitates new students’ adjustment to Rockhurst by providing support, answering questions and assisting in problem solving. The goal of the office is to ensure that the new student’s first year at Rockhurst is successful and satisfying, beginning with orientation. In addition, this office assists continuing students by problem-solving any issues related to tehir academic, social, and personal success.

    On the 4 days before regular fall semester day classes begin, all new freshmen are required to be present for a special orientation program. A brief program is also designed for transfer students. Freshmen and transfer students also complete the formal registration process at this time.

    The series of orientation presentations, discussions, a service project and social opportunities begun during these days is designed to introduce students to Rockhurst’s mission of learning, leadership, and service in the Jesuit tradition. Students are introduced to the opportunities available for assistance in improving study habits, choosing careers, solving scholastic difficulties and interpersonal concerns. During these days students get acquainted with one another, with upperclass students, the faculty and staff.
  • Residence Life: Residence Life considers a student’s on-campus experience an integral part of the educational program. The group living situation is meant to enhance the student’s classroom experiences and provide opportunities to make responsible decisions which exercise self-discipline and concern for the needs of other students. There are different types of residential options available on campus: Incoming underclassmen are housed in Corcoran and McGee Halls; the Town House Village, Xavier-Loyola Halls and On-Campus Houses are for upperclassmen. Each of the housing options is staffed by a head staff member with a staff of undergraduate resident assistants. Their main responsibility is to assist in developing an environment which is supportive of the educational mission of the University and conducive to the personal development of each student.

    While the residence halls have traditionally served out-of-town students, Kansas City area students are encouraged to live on campus in order to experience campus life more fully.

    Rockhurst University has a residency requirement that requires all full-time students to live with their parents or on campus unless students meet the following conditions:
    • Students classified as juniors having completed 60 hours with at least a “C” grade point average.
    • Students who have lived on campus for four semesters.
    • Declared nursing students who reside in Research Housing Complex.
    • Students who are age 23 or older.
    • Students who have completed active, full-time military service.
    • Students who have a spouse or dependents living with them.

      Residency includes participating in the regular meal plan offered by the university food service for both fall and spring semesters if the student resides in one of the traditional halls.

RA 2500 - Resident Leadership Seminar  

  • Service Immersion Trips: Service Immersion Trips invite students to live Rockhurst University’s Jesuit mission, a mission articulated in part of a 1997 speech given by the former Jesuit Superior General, Fr. Peter Hans Kolvenbach: “Students must let the gritty reality of this world into their lives so they can learn to feel it, think about it critically, respond to its suffering, and engage it constructively.”

    Weeklong experiences, which include manual labor, cultural immersion activities, relationship-building, and daily prayer and reflection, move students to a deeper understanding of the Gospel’s call to solidarity and justice. Extensive trip preparation and follow-up lead students toward the life-long path of becoming women and men for and with others.

    Trips normally leave in the second week of January during Christmas Break and during the March Spring Break to destinations that in the past have included: Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Joplin, Mo., New Orleans, La., Nicaragua, and West Virginia.

    Rockhurst University generously subsidizes up to half of the total trip expenses; students cover the balance of their trip costs. The application process for the trips begins in September and includes a written application, short essay, and in-person interview. For more information, please see the Rockhurst website: www.rockhurst.edu/about/jesuitmission/trips.asp.
  • Student Life: The Student Life Office is where students come to find out more about student organizations, club sports, fraternity and sorority life, Social Activities Board (S.A.B.), Student Senate, Orientation, leadership programs,Homecoming, Family and Alumni Weekend, and health and wellness programs. 

    The Student Life program complements the Rockhurst vision that we will be nationally recognized for transforming lives and forming leaders in the Jesuit tradition by sponsoring and supporting programs, services, and activities that foster values based leadership development. Involvement in student life programs and student organizations provide students with a medium to develop personal passions, talents and skills as well as integrate classroom learning with out-of-class experiences that are ultimately useful in future careers and service to others. Research has shown that students who are involved in leadership skill building student organizations, clubs, or activities are significantly more likely to graduate compared to their peers who are not involved.

    Professional Student Life staff are available to advise and assist students in pursuit of the type of involvement that will interest them the most. Students are encouraged to peruse the Student Life section of the Rockhurst website as there are multiple resources as well as an up-to-date calendar of activities. More detailed information can be found in the Student Life Office located in Massman Hall (Room 1) next to the Rockroom.
LD 1000 - Leadership in the Jesuit Tradition  LD 1200 - Greek Leadership 

Student Responsibilities & Community Standards of Behavior

Rockhurst University is a community that mirrors in many ways the strengths and weaknesses of the larger society. Within this community, students, faculty, administrators and friends interact for the mutual benefit of all. The University fosters high values, standards, and goals with the hope that every student will recognize these as opportunities for personal growth.

The Student Code of Conduct conveys the minimum essentials that experience has shown necessary to provide an atmosphere conducive to the pursuit of “Learning, Leadership, and Service in the Jesuit Tradition.” These essentials are normally articulated within the Student Handbook (student creed, accompanying guidelines, and judicial review process), this Catalog, and all official notices and bulletins.

Athletic Programs

  • Intercollegiate Sports. In keeping with our cultural heritage and American college tradition, Rockhurst offers a competitive NCAA Division II intercollegiate athletic program. The primary purpose is to provide talented students opportunities to participate in team competition with other colleges and universities.

    Rockhurst is currently affiliated with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division II and the Great Lakes Valley Conference. Conference sports are baseball, basketball (men and women), golf (men and women), soccer (men and women), softball, tennis (men and women), and volleyball. Rockhurst’s athletic facilities include Mason-Halpin Fieldhouse for basketball and volleyball; Bourke Field for soccer; and Loyola Park for tennis, baseball and softball.

    The Convocation Center, adjacent to the Field House, hosts all intramural and recreational activities. The Center houses facilities for handball, racquetball, basketball, volleyball, and weightlifting.
  • Intramural Sports. Students interested in recreational opportunities through intramural competition have a program of activities including formal tournament competition in many different sports, leading toward the Intramural Championships. Competing organizations, teams and individuals are urged to contact the Athletic Office in the Convocation Center to obtain application dates and times to assure representation in the intramural program. Currently there are numerous activities, including basketball, softball, volleyball, hockey, football, tennis and soccer.
  • Club Sport Program. The Rockhurst University Club Sport Program exists to provide additional opportunities in competition and recreation for students in those physical activities in non-varsity sports offerings. The emphasis is on student interest and leadership to initiate, organize, finance and conduct their respective clubs. Currently, club teams are sponsored by the students in cheerleading, dance, and hockey. All club sport teams must be registered through the Student Life Office.

Campus Security

The Rockhurst University Safety and Security Department is a full service department, which operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The department supplies a full list of protective services.

These services include:

  1. A fully staffed dispatch operation with 24-hour per day, 7-day per week emergency/non-emergency telephone answering, radio dispatching of field personnel, alarm and access control monitoring, closed circuit TV monitoring as
    well as customer service at a walk-up window.
  2. Armed field personnel trained internally in the use of firearms and tested annually by the Kansas City, Mo. Police Department. These Officers respond to all calls for service, both emergency and non-emergency. They also do parking control duties, and perform self-initiated activity, designed to prevent crime. They do investigations, write reports, provide escorts on campus, maintain a close, positive contact with all members of the campus community and the surrounding neighborhood. Close ties with the city police are also maintained on a continuous basis.

The Safety and Security Department is assisted in its security efforts by an extensive oncampus Security telephone system. The department patrols the campus by motorized vehicles and on foot.

The Safety and Security Department participates in the educational mission of the University by sponsoring and presenting programs on a wide range of Security and Safety related issues.

Jeanne Clery Campus Security Act

The University follows the mandates of the Campus Security Act of 1990 (now known as the Jeanne Clery Campus Security Act). This report includes statistics for the previous three years concerning reported crimes that occurred on-campus; in certain off-campus buildings or property owned or controlled by the University; and on public property within, or immediately adjacent to and accessible from, the campus. The report also includes institutional policies concerning campus security, such as policies concerning sexual assault, and other matters. Copies of this report can be obtained by contacting the Safety and Security Department, Rockhurst University, 1100 Rockhurst Road, Kansas City, Mo., 64110-2561, (816) 501-4659, or by accessing the following web site: www.rockhurst.edu/services/security/annualreport.asp 

Vehicle Registration and Parking

Any student, faculty member, or staff member who parks in a Rockhurst University parking lot must display a current University parking permit (hang tag). For more information about parking and obtaining a permit, visit www.rockhurst.edu/services/security/index.asp

Although the permit does not guarantee a University parking space, it does allow the University to limit parking to students, faculty and staff. A limited number of visitor parking stalls are available on campus. There are some areas reserved on campus for handicapped parking, Jesuit parking, and visitors. These stalls are all marked for recognition.

All parking areas are well lighted and equipped with Security telephones; and in most, closed circuit television.

Identification Card

Students, faculty and employees of Rockhurst are issued a Rockhurst photo ID, which gives access to services both on and off campus. All students are required to have the ID card. The “One Card” system can be used for:

  • Access control to student residences.
  • Access control to the 24-hour computer labs.
  • Track declining balance debit card for cafeteria use.
  • Library card for the Greenlease Library, as well as other Missouri academic libraries.
  • Athletic equipment check out.
  • Admittance to Rockhurst artistic and athletic events.

The first ID card is provided free of charge. Replacement cost of lost or stolen cards is $25. If a student has a history of losing their card, additional charges will be added.