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2006-2012 Archived Catalogs 
2006-2012 Archived Catalogs [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

2006-2012 Archived Catalogs

The catalog serves as the primary resource for Rockhurst degree requirements and academic and administrative policies. Catalog pages can be downloaded and printed.

Students should follow the curriculum and guidelines in the catalog that was current when they began their studies at Rockhurst. If students maintain continuous enrollment, they may also choose the current Rockhurst University Catalog.

To access the 2012-2014 undergraduate and graduate catalogs, select them from the drop down in the upper-right corner of this page.

2010-2012 Rockhurst University (PDF) 

2008-2010 Rockhurst University Catalog (PDF) 

2006-2008 Rockhurst University Catalog (PDF)