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2014-2016 Undergraduate Catalog 
2014-2016 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

TH 4200 - Christian Marriage

This course critically explores the contemporary meaning of Christian marriage as covenant, symbol, and sacrament. As part of this exploration the development of marital theology from the past to the present is examined by investigating how marriage was theologically understood in the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament, as well as by probing the theology of Christian marriage which emerged during the Patristic, Medieval, and Reformation eras. Theological/moral issues (past and present) significantly connected with Christian marriage such as divorce, remarriage, artificial contraception, artificial insemination, marriage without children, etc. are also studied.

Prerequisite: TH 1000 , TH 1020 , TH 1050  or TH 2000 .