May 30, 2020  
2018-19 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-19 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Analytics and Technology

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The Bachelor of Science degree in Analytics and Technology provides students two track options: the Data Science and Analytics track (11-12 credits) or Business Analytics track (10 credits).

The modern world is made of data. It has become a part of everything we do—from shopping to health care, economics to social media, and everything in between. The ability to extract it, process it, understand it, visualize it, communicate it, and make value added decisions from it will be a critical skill over the next several decades as employment in this field is projected to grow by more than 30 percent.

Organizations have massive amounts of data, but are challenged to develop strategies on how to use it and find talent to harness its value. That is why entry-level jobs as an analyst, analytics consultant, and junior data scientist are in great demand. Career trajectories for senior data scientists and senior managers in all fields with these skills will continue to rise.

If you are interested in technology, math, statistics, business, communications, economics, and engineering, the Bachelor of Science in Analytics and Technology is a great second major. Our strong interdisciplinary approach to developing the skills and hands-on experience will prepare you for quickly expanding, high paying positions that require this 21st century skillset.

Within this major, you have the choice of two tracks:

  • Business Analytics Track: A broader approach incorporating project management, analytics for business decision making, and market research.
  • Data Science and Analytics Track: Focused on the core science of data and statistics.

Both tracks integrate a hands-on, experiential learning requirement.

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