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2014-2016 Undergraduate Catalog 
2014-2016 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of English

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Professor   Joseph A. Cirincione, Ph.D.
    Charles M. Kovich, Ph.D.
    Patricia Cleary Miller, Ph.D.
    Margaret E. Wye, Ph.D.
    Jason Arthur, Ph.D.
Associate Professor   John Kerrigan, Ph.D.
    Daniel Martin, Ph.D. (Chair)
Visiting Assistant Professor   Margot Stafford, Ph.D.

The Department of English educates students to become careful readers and effective writers and to derive joy from each role. To cultivate students as readers, the Department asks them to study literature in a variety of genres, including poetry, drama, the novel, the short story, and the essay. Study in the discipline of English enlarges students’ sensibilities, enriches their intellectual lives, broadens their imaginations, strengthens their critical thinking, and helps to initiate students into a community committed to liberal learning in the arts and sciences. With Francis Bacon, the Department believes that reading makes a full person, and writing an exact person. Our writing courses, both introductory and advanced, cultivate critical thinking by asking students to analyze the work of their own peers and of accomplished writers. In this way, students learn to clarify their own thoughts, examine personal biases, explore complex issues, and find the best style to communicate with various audiences.

Building upon introductory Core courses in composition and in world literature, the English major and minor seek to advance students’ skills in writing and in analytical and creative thinking; to deepen understanding of the major developments in literature written in the English language, particularly British and American literature; to strengthen competence in methods of literary theory and criticism; and to broaden the experience of language in linguistics. In short, the Department participates in the broader mission of Rockhurst University by contributing to the education of the whole person, helping to make clear what it means to be fully human: that is, a person who is advancing in knowledge, open to the transcendent, and intent on the good of others.

Besides preparing majors for teaching and graduate work, English studies prepare students for professional study of law, journalism, business and government. English studies also prepare students with a careful selection of electives and  internship experiences to take a variety of paths after graduation, including medical school; service to the Church; careers in marketing, management and corporate communication.


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