Feb 22, 2024  

Pre-Occupational Therapy Program

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Special Undergraduate Academic and Co-Curricular Programs

OTD Accelerated Admission Program

This program is designed specifically for RU undergraduate students entering the accelerated 3+2.5 accelerated OTD program. The Accelerated Admission Program allows students to earn both their undergraduate degree and an entry level Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD) in a shortened length of enrollment at Rockhurst University.

Students electing to pursue Accelerated Admission will complete their undergraduate major requirements, RU core curriculum, and prerequisite courses within their first three years of coursework on campus. If these requirements are met, students may apply to the program, and if accepted, enter the OTD program in their undergraduate senior year.

After successfully completing the first year of occupational therapy graduate courses, the student is awarded a bachelor’s degree and continue on the path to finish the OTD degree. This reduced time in school allows the student to graduate and enter the job market at an accelerated pace.

Students accepted into Accelerated Admission Program will have an undergraduate designation for their fourth year of study, even though the student will be completing graduate-level coursework in the Occupational Therapy Program. Students will be enrolled for the first three semesters of the OTD program as an undergraduate student. During this time, students may be eligible for undergraduate tuition and fees. In order to meet the 128 hour requirement for graduation, up to 30 hours of OT Program coursework can be applied as electives. The student will have a graduate-level designation starting their fifth year after they are awarded their bachelor’s degree. After graduation with an undergraduate degree, students will be considered a graduate student with all associated tuition and fees.

Any first-year Rockhurst student interested in pursuing OT may apply for the Accelerated Admission Program. Students must be consecutively enrolled at Rockhurst University during their undergraduate coursework to remain eligible for Accelerated Admission. The Accelerated Admission Program may be combined with, but does not require, a pre-admission guarantee (e.g. Freshman Pre-admission Award or OT Scholars Award). Students must contact Liz Zayat, OT Program Advisor, if interested in pursuing and applying for the Accelerated Admission Program.


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