Apr 21, 2024  

Philosophy, Professional Track, B.A.

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College of Arts and Sciences

The major requires a senior oral examination (0 credits). A grade of C or better is required in each upper-division course of the major. (A grade of C- will not satisfy the requirement.)

To find which courses will fulfill core requirements, search the Course Schedule by “Attribute Type” to locate courses in the current and upcoming semester that fulfill specific core requirements. The Course Schedule is located on the Rockhurst Registrar’s webpage at www.rockhurst/registrar.

Professional Track

The Philosophy Department also offers a professional track in the major which provides more rigorous preparation for graduate school or for a professional career. This track requires a minimum of 24 upper-division hours in philosophy, for a total of 27 philosophy hours. The lower-division philosophy prerequisite is PL 1100 . Required courses include PL 3100 , PL 3770  or PL 3200 ; two courses in the history of philosophy (from PL 3400 , PL 3410 , PL 3420 , PL 3430 , PL 3440 , or PL 3450 .) The five remaining courses will be selected by the student in consultation with the major advisor. In addition, the student must complete the required 12 semester hours of related upper-division courses, or fulfill the requirements for a minor field. Two courses in a foreign language are strongly recommended, as is a course in logic.

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