Mar 25, 2023  

Secondary Education

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College of Arts and Sciences

The Bachelor of Arts or Science degree with a second major in secondary education prepares students to teach in grades 9–12 in a specific certification area, and K-12 for foreign languages. The certification areas offered are biology, business, chemistry, english, french (K-12), mathematics, physics, spanish (K-12), and social sciences.

Each student pursuing the secondary education major will have a first major in the certification area of the student’s choice, except for business. The student’s awarded degree will be either a B.A. or a B.S., as determined by the certification area of study, which is listed as their primary major. Students whose primary major is in math, chemistry, biology, or physics will earn a B.S. degree. Students whose primary major is in english, spanish, french, history or political science will earn a B.A. degree.

Secondary education students will have an education advisor, as well as an advisor in their chosen certification area.

To find which courses will fulfill core requirements, search the Course Schedule by “Attribute Type” to locate courses in the current and upcoming semester that fulfill specific core requirements. The Course Schedule is located on the Rockhurst Registrar’s webpage at www.rockhurst/registrar.

Total hours required: 40


*May be co-listed as a 6000-level graduate course. Courses taken at the 4000-level do not apply to the M.Ed. degree. For the M.Ed., the student must take the course at the 6000-level or take another graduate course in the domain of the M.Ed. core.

Twelve hours of related courses are also required. A grade of C or better is required in each upper-division course of the major. (A grade of C- will not satisfy the requirement.)

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