May 24, 2024  

Medical Humanities Minor

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The minor in Medical Humanities is an interdisciplinary program that will develop students’ understanding of health issues as human issues that are not necessarily scientific ones. Because the Medical Humanities program focuses on health and wellness in the greater context of the human experience, this minor draws courses from all the disciplines of the Humanities. With a knowledge of humanistic methodologies and disciplines, students will be able to bring a creative and holistic approach to the study of medicine and health, and will demonstrate awareness of how the health sciences are called to answer fundamental human problems. Prerequisite: Declared major in any of the sciences, health sciences, and health professional programs.


  • Declared major in any of the sciences, health sciences, and health professional programs.
  • Complete 15 hours chosen from the options listed below, followed by a final Capstone course.
    • 3 credit hours drawn from the following:
      • Any 1000 or 2000-level Core course from ARI; HS I; LT I; or
      • GS 1000 Introduction to Global Studies  (SRI); or
      • WGS 1000 Women in Culture  (SRI); or
      • Successful completion of two semesters of the same non-English language
    • 12 credit hours of upper-division (3000-4000) course electives chosen from the following courses, from at least 3 different disciplines or programs and including:
      • A minimum of 3 credit hours in Communication category
      • A minimum of 3 credit hours in Cultural Competence category

Capstone: Students must also complete:

  • (1)
  • Students taking MH 4000 will serve at a health-care related organization for 30 service hours. The plan of service and study will be approved by the Director of Service Learning and the Director of Medical Humanities.

Total: 16 credits

Additional Information:

A maximum of 3 credit hours of Level 1 and 3 credit hours of Level II from the Medical Humanities electives that count toward the Core may be counted toward the Medical Humanities minor.

Additional courses may be added to the list of approved Catholic Studies electives.

For descriptions of the upper-division courses listed above, see the Catalog sections of the various departments that sponsor and schedule them.

A grade of C or better is required in each upper-division course of the minor. (A grade of C- will not satisfy the requirement.)


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