Oct 03, 2023  

Peace and International Studies, B.A.

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The Peace and International Studies (PAI) major supplements other Rockhurst major programs, providing the context in which students may both understand and transform the world around them. This interdisciplinary major is grounded in history, with additional emphases on foreign language, intercultural communication, cultural encounters, business and economics, and the moral/ethical bases of global communities.

To find which courses will fulfill core requirements, search the Course Schedule by “Attribute Type” to locate courses in the current and upcoming semester that fulfill specific core requirements. The Course Schedule is located on the Rockhurst Registrar’s webpage at www.rockhurst/registrar.

Additional Requirements:

In addition, students complete 18 hours of upper-division credit hours (six courses distributed across the four elective course groupings described below. The student must also complete 12 semester hours of related upper-division courses. Coursework should be chosen in consultation with the PAI major advisor.

Historical Foundations:

Historical context is critical for understanding global issues, including politics, society, culture and thought, and economics.

Choose a minimum of nine hours (three courses) from the list of offerings on Historical Foundations.

Critical Global Systems:

Increasing global interdependence makes a basic understanding of business/economic/political/health systems essential for global citizens.

Choose a minimum of three hours (one course) from the list of offerings on Critical Global Systems.

Ideas and Beliefs:

Intercultural awareness, including the need for peaceful co-existence, is rooted in moral/ethical considerations of the bases of human community-building, especially in the Jesuit Catholic tradition.

Choose a minimum of three hours (one course) from the list of offerings on Critical Global Systems.


Students must also complete 12 hours of related upper division coursework, chosen under the direction of, and in close consultation with their major advisor. A grade of C or better is required in each upper-division course of the major. (A grade of C- will not satisfy this requirement.)

One semester of college level foreign language is also required.

Students must also satisfy International/Intercultural Immersion Experience:

PAI majors will complete an approved experiential learning opportunity including internships, study abroad programs, immersion trips, or service learning trips.

The experience may be fulfilled through service learning options in other courses as deemed appropriate by the chair of the department of History or the chair’s designee.

This international/intercultural experience is required, but does not count towards a student’s 18 upper-division credit hours in Peace and International Studies.

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