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2014-2016 Graduate Catalog 
2014-2016 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Middle School Education, M.Ed.

School of Graduate and Professional Studies

The Master of Education degree with initial teacher certification in middle school prepares teacher candidates to teach in grades 5 through 9 in a specific certification area. Certification areas include language arts, mathematics, science, and social science.

Total: 35 graduate credit hours


*Co-listed as a 4000-level undergraduate course. Teacher candidates may apply up to nine credit hours of the following co-listed courses to the graduate degree: ED 4010/ED 6010 , ED 4020/ED 6020 , ED 4030/ED 6030 . For graduate credit, these courses must be taken at the 6000-level, which requires that those teacher candidates taking the course for graduate credit, complete additional work at an accelerated level appropriate for graduate credit, and that the additional work required for graduate credit is reflected in the course syllabus. Courses taken at the 4000-level do not apply to the M.Ed. degree. For the M.Ed., the student must take the course at the 6000-level or take another graduate course in that domain of the M.Ed. core.

Rockhurst University meets the Missouri 168.400 requirement by:

Rockhurst University meets the Missouri 168.400 requirement by allowing teacher candidates who have been employed for at least two years as a full-time teacher assistant to bypass student teaching. Instead, such teacher candidates must take ED 7900 - Graduate Integrated Student Teaching Seminar: Classroom Planning, Management, and Assessment  (3), and the Professional Semester Portfolio course (1), as well as 10 hours of additional elective courses offered in the Rockhurst University Master of Education program to fulfill degree requirements.