May 24, 2024  
2023-2024 Graduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Graduate Catalog

Endowments and Scholarships

Endowed Scholarships

Generous friends have made gifts and bequests to establish the following permanent scholarship funds, providing stability of income for student tuition assistance.

  • The Megan Lynn Barnett Scholarship, this scholarship is named in memory of Megan Barnett, a student in the PT class of 2008, before her untimely death in December 2006. As a student, Megan demonstrated remarkable growth in knowledge, self-confidence and all aspects of professional behavior. This scholarship is awarded annually to a 2nd year DPT student who meets the qualifications and who can articulate a similar growth while enrolled as a student in the PT program.
  • The Graham Davis Memorial Scholarship, created in memory of Graham Davis, an ‘88 MBA graduate and PT student at the time of his death. The scholarship is for non-traditional students (those over the age of 24) enrolled in the Physical Therapy Program. Students must submit a completed application to the Chair of the Physical Therapy Department by October 1 of each year.
  • The Teresa Hastings LaManno Scholarship, established by Mr. Thomas Hastings in memory of his sister, Teresa. Terri gracefully balanced school with parenting and caregiving. To honor her determination, this scholarship will offer the full annual allocation to Occupational Therapy student(s) in a parenting or other caregiving role.


  • The Thomas L. Lyon Ph.D. Scholarship, established by the family and friends of Dr. Lyon. This scholarship is intended to support an EMBA student working for a not-for-profit organization. If no students fit such criteria, or if the EMBA is no longer in place, the scholarship will be awarded to a Rockhurst University undergraduate student entering the Rockhurst MBA program and exhibiting financial need.
  • The RubinBrown/James and Karen Castellano Scholarship, established in 2004 by Jim Castellano, 1973 alumnus, and member of the Board of Trustees. The scholarship will assist deserving students at Rockhurst. Recipients will be MBA students who are enrolled full time and preparing for a career in accountancy.
  • The Rues Occupational Therapy Scholarship, provides tuition support to occupational therapy students through the generosity of Drs. Larry and Jane Rues. Preference is given to occupational therapy students, who are also parents, with a minimum 3.0 GPA.

Sponsored Scholarships

Each year certain institutions, companies and individuals provide funds for scholarships for qualified students. Among those which have been given on a regular basis are the following:

  • The Emerging Occupation Therapy (OT) Professional Scholarship The Donors have generously committed to contribute a yearly amount to benefit Rockhurst University. This fund was started in 2019 from the revenue of a Rockhurst Occupational Therapy (OT) faculty’s time of ten weekly hours of OT services at Operation Breakthrough. Located in the heart of Kansas City, Operation Breakthrough is a not-for-profit corporation that provides a safe, loving, and educational environment for children in poverty. A portion of the OT faculty member’s monthly salary from Operation Breakthrough goes into this fund.
  • The Jean Hiebert Scholarship – The Jean Hiebert scholarship was established by Jean Hiebert in 2020. In support of Physical Therapy students, the scholarship will be awarded yearly to a graduate student enrolled in the Rockhurst University Physical Therapy Program.  Preference will be given to an applicant that self identifies as a member of the LGBTQ community.  If needed, additional criteria will be based upon: race, first generation college student, and financial need.  Secondary preferences include student of non-Caucasian background, first generation college student and financial need.
  • The Saint Luke’s College of Nursing and Health Sciences Dean’s Scholarships,  established to recognize academic excellence and future leaders within the graduate health science programs.  Scholarships will be awarded to eligible students entering the Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Communication Sciences and Disorders programs. 
  • The Robert & Louise Tritt Sponsored Scholarship, established in January 2020 in support of scholarship for females pursuing their Master of Business Administration. Preference for awarding are females who came to Rockhurst after completing their Associates degree at Donnelly College and plan to continue their education in the MBA program.

Endowments to Support the Rockhurst Community

Several special endowment programs have been established by friends of the University to provide a variety of support funds and services to faculty, staff, and students.

  • The Muller Family Endowment for Catholic Studies, in support of the Catholic Studies program at Rockhurst University this endowment will offer course development grants to faculty members to fund the development of new Catholic curriculum throughout all of our academic programs. This endowed fund is a gift from Cleo and Yvonne Muller inspired by their Catholic faith and their passion for Jesuit education.
  • The Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy Resource Center funded by Georgeann Mulhern, longtime friend of the University, provides books, supplies, equipment and other resources to support the Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Resource Center.
  • The Paul Quigley Fund was established in memory of Paul J. Quigley, Rockhurst graduate and Honorary Director.
  • The Rigby-Knickerbocker Faculty Development Fund, for development of faculty in the psychology and English departments, established in 1990 by the estate of Dr. Marilyn Rigby, beloved professor of psychology from 1960 to 1989. The fund is also named for her husband, M.R. Knickerbocker, professor of English from 1950 to 1988. Dr. Rigby contributed substantially to the development of the University’s psychology department. To many, students and faculty colleagues alike, she was also a wise and compassionate counselor. Both Dr. Rigby and Professor Knickerbocker were recipients of the Harry B. Kies Award for distinguished service. Over the years, gifts from faculty, family, and friends have increased this faculty development fund.
  • Rockhurst University Faculty Development Fund, established to provide a continuing source of support to advance teaching skills and recognizing outstanding academic accomplishments of the University faculty.
  • The Rossner Fund for Jesuit Development, named in honor of the Rev. William L. Rossner, S.J., professor of philosophy at the University from 1956 until his death in 1974. This fund regularly makes financial support available to members of the Jesuit community for research, special projects, and spiritual and educational endeavors.
  • The Rossner Fund for the Library, established in honor of Mr. and Mrs. William M. Rossner to provide financial support for the Greenlease Library, primarily for the acquisition of philosophy and theology books.
  • Rossner Fund for the Promotion of Religion, established by a bequest of Mrs. Blanche M. Rossner to provide a permanent trust fund to promote the intellectual, spiritual and religious development of the students, faculty and administration in the Roman Catholic faith.
  • Dr. Jane Rues Distinguished Teacher Fellowship was established in 2008 to recognize Dr. Jane Rues’ 18 years of outstanding service to Rockhurst, as founder of the Occupational Therapy program in 1990, as Rockhurst University Teacher of the Year in 2007 and Jane’s lifelong commitment to teaching, learning and mentoring. This Fellowship recognizes individuals who are not only exemplary teachers, but those who also serve as an inspiration to other faculty to enrich their own teaching skills.
  • The Rev. Paul O. Smith, S.J., Athletic Endowment Project was established in 1987 by Rockhurst in honor of the Rev. Paul O. Smith, S.J., longtime athletic director, to provide financial stability to athletic programs and to enhance and maintain our athletic facilities.
  • The John J. and Laura J. Sullivan Chair in Ethics was established by John J. Sullivan Jr. in honor of his parents. The purpose of the Chair is to promote ethics throughout the curriculum of Rockhurst University.
  • The Technology Endowment Fund was established by the Golden Hawks, class of 1948.
  • The Van Ackeren Appreciation Fund, established by the friends of the Rev. Maurice E. Van Ackeren, S.J., in recognition of his outstanding years of service as the ninth president of Rockhurst University. This permanent endowment provides a continuing source of funds to be used for faculty support and student assistance at Rockhurst.
  • The Weiss Fund was established in 1987 by the estate of Therese Kreier to promote the Jesuit mission of Rockhurst University.
  • The Barbara M. Wynne Memorial Award Fund, established by her family and friends who honor this 1980 summa cum laude graduate. The fund will provide continuing support of the Department of Biology where she earned her major degree, and honors outstanding students in biology.
  • The Linda Z. Solomon, Ph.D., Memorial Award was established by family and friends to honor Dr. Solomon, whose life was devoted to helping people with neurological disorders recover their ability to communicate and maximize their quality of life. Dr. Solomon’s focus was to provide effective and compassionate care to patients and to train the next generation of practioners to do the same. This award supports one student each year with the financial means to attend the national convention of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.