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2023-2024 Graduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Dual Degree Programs


The policy governs graduate dual degree program arrangements including: (1) dual master’s; and (2) dual master’s/doctoral program arrangements. This policy does not apply to joint degree programs or dual certificate program arrangements, except as explicitly noted.

Admission to a Dual Degree Program

For admission to an approved dual degree program, the student must meet the admission criteria for each of the degrees and must be admitted separately to each degree program. The student must be admitted to the second program before completing the first. Admission to one degree program does not guarantee automatic admission to a second. Each admission decision is separate, and conducted according to established procedures for the specific degree. The student must take all admission examinations required by each of the graduate programs.

Dual Degree Program Policies

Credit applied to a bachelor’s degree program may not be applied to a dual degree arrangement.

Up to 12 eligible credits earned may be shared for double-counted credit between dual degrees.

Individual colleges or schools, departments, or degree Program Director may impose more stringent limitations on the double counting of credits, but may not allow dual counting in excess of the university limit.

All students must have an advisor from each program.

Any curriculum changes for dual graduate degrees must be approved by the Graduate Program Director (or Program Directors for each of the two degrees, if a shared course) and the Graduate Curriculum Committee.

A student may leave the program before completion of the dual degrees. A students who withdraws or is dismissed from the dual degree program must fulfill all of the requirements of the degree program they wish to complete.

Students will receive separate diplomas for each degree program. Both degrees may be awarded concurrently or separately, as each are completed.

All standard policies relating to time to degree, residency requirements, academic standards, and minimum GPA required to graduate apply to any dual-degree arrangement. If the student withdraws from one of the participating programs, the dual-degree arrangement is automatically nullified.

Interschool Dual Degree Programs

DPT/MBA Dual Degree Program  

DPT/MA Dual Degree Program   

OTD/MA Dual Degree Program  

OTD/MBA Dual Degree Program