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Business Administration, Accounting/MBA Concentration, BSBA

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Helzberg School of Management

More information and a general overview of Business Administration  

To find which courses will fulfill core requirements, search the Course Schedule by “Attribute Type” to locate courses in the current and upcoming semester that fulfill specific core requirements. note: the math proficiency requirement for BSBA majors can only be fulfilled by taking a course in Pre-calculus or higher.

The Course Schedule is located on the Rockhurst Registrar’s webpage at www.rockhurst/registrar.

Prerequisites for the BSBA Degree:

All Helzberg School of Management students pursuing the BSBA degree are required to complete the following prerequisites:


The math proficiency required for BSBA majors can only be fulfilled through taking Pre-Calculus or higher. 

The Helzberg School of Management Core courses:

The Helzberg School of Management Core courses, which are required for graduation for the BSBA degree, are:

Students Pursuing a Concentration:

Students pursuing a concentration in Accounting take AC 3500 - Accounting Information and Control Systems  instead of BIA 3100 ; students pursuing a concentration in Finance/Accounting may take AC 3500  instead of BIA 3100 .


**Students pursuing a concentration in Accounting (Option 1 or 2) will take AC 4750 - Auditing  instead of MG 4940 . AC 4750  will satisfy the BSBA undergraduate capstone graduation requirement.

*Students with concentrations in accounting pursuing the accelerated MBA Option to meet CPA certification requirements will be waived from this course (MG 3300 ) at the undergraduate level and will instead take an additional upper-division accounting course. These students will take the Core Managerial Perspective course MG 6310 during their graduate work.

***Students in the Business Administration major may not pursue a minor in either General Business or in Business Administration: Pre MBA.

Concentration in Accounting/MBA:

For BSBA students with a concentration in accounting pursuing the accelerated MBA Option to meet CPA Certification requirements.


*AC 4750  will satisfy the BSBA’s undergraduate capstone graduation requirement. For students pursuing Option 2, please see the Graduate Studies in the Helzberg School of Management section of the catalog for MBA admission requirements. Upon fulfilling the requirements for the BSBA degree as stated, admittance to the MBA program, and completion of all University graduation requirements, the student will receive the BSBA degree.

Related Required Hours

Rockhurst University requires at least 12 related hours for each degree. For the BSBA degree, this requirement is met by the completion of a concentration.

A sample course of study for students choosing Accounting/MBA follows:

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